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Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Morning #KCRyders! Today is the day. Keshia's new single' F**k It Tho" is now available through digital retailers . The first official single to be lifted from the project we've been labeling "IV" all these years; FIT follows two months after the release of the buzz single "The Valley" back in November.

The single itself as we've previously described is "gritty yet whimsical" in nature is produced by Matthew Barnett (Drake, Eminem) and written by Tayla Parx (Jojo, Danity Kane). Upon expressing her heartbreak and loss; it really embodies the thoughts of this Gemini. Ultimately coming to terms with the breakup itself she chants her C'est LA vie phrase, "Fuck It Tho".

Purchase the single at these digital outlets by clicking here.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Good Morning #KCRyders! You wanted new music and now you've got it! Well, close to it anyway! (Lol) On Monday night, Ebro Darden premiered Keshia's new single "Fuck It Tho" on his Beats1radio radio segment as part of new music.

You may know the producer behind it,  Matthew Barnett who's done work with everyone from Drake, to Chris Brown to Eminem. The songwriter behind this song is Tayla Parx who's record of hits is equally impressive having worked with everyone from Danity Kane to Keri Hilson and my personal favorite Jojo Levesque on her summer smash "Fuck Apologies".

If you like myself were unable to hear the broadcast last night, never fear we've got you covered as always!

Click here to listen to "F**k It Tho".

Saturday, January 7, 2017


Morning #KCRyders! We're sure you're anticipating purchasing the brand-new single "F**k It Tho" next week. With that in mind Keshia kept her tweeted promise to Hot 97/Beats1 radio host Ebro and announced last night the new single is set for a world premiere streaming on Beats1 Radio, Monday January 9, 2017!  The song itself is written by Tayla Parx and Keshia, produced by Matthew Barnett and Soundtrack both from 1916 Management imprint.

Judging from the cover art, this appears to possibly be the single with "hard hitting drums" we were set to hear a while back. Timing is definitely everything and we're interested in visual to follow. The digital release follow-up is Wednesday January 11, 2017 available at most digital retailers.

Monday, December 26, 2016


Evening #KCRyders! We hope your Christmas was merry and bright! And on that note, LKC wouldn't be LKC without an exclusive!  Today we spotted an belated, but early Christmas gift from Keshia today. Her next single, "F**k It Tho" will be released at the top of 2017, on January 11, 2017 in digital format. This comes on the two month anniversary of her buzz single "The Valley" released this past November. "F**k It Tho", is another gritty, yet whimsical R&B offering from her forthcoming album schedule for release next summer.

Friday, November 11, 2016


Good Morning #KCRyders! Today is the day! Support our girl Keshia by purchasing her new single "The Valley", now available from these online digital retailers: Google Play, Deezer, Apple Music,

Click here to purchase Keshia's new single! And check out "The Valley" Lyrics and Vevo video after the cut.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Evening #KCRyders! We've got some exciting news to share. After what seems like forever and a day, the silence will be broken from our girl, Keshia on Friday November 11, 2016. "The Valley", her newly anticipated single (after her four-year hiatus from the music scene) is set to drop 11/11. The project itself is helmed as Keshia's FIRST worldwide release to her fan base under her independent imprint KChanteInc. set to drop later this year. Releasing right on the heels of the fifth anniversary of her last solo effort, "Night & Day", "The Valley" a ballad penned with Elle Vee, will showcase a "more mature" Chante. And if that doesn't spark your intrigue, with this single comes brand new look that showcases an edgier, confident, and subtly sensual woman that's asserting her womanhood and has finally come into her own.

You'll have to wait a few days to hear the "dawning of a new era"... but is clear that "Chante Season" has returned!

Thursday, May 12, 2016


Evening #KCRyders! "The end is near..." at least according to Keshia. After posting the new promotional photos on her respective Social Media accounts, she posted a photo to her Instagram earlier today with the cryptic message,  "the end will deliver the new breed".

She also confirmed new music on the way when tweeting to a fan on yesterday. With Hockey Wives wrapping up it's second season, this is the perfect time to strike while the iron is hot. Here's hoping we're set to go on ITunes worldwide when that new music drops!

Saturday, October 27, 2012


A blog isn't a blog unless you support the people that helped you get it off the ground. Today we pay homage to one of our own R&B songstress, Tanisha Renée Brown. She works so hard churn out our amazing layouts that you see on LKC. Now, you can enjoy an extended presentation of her creativity through music and songwriting.

Check out our girl Tee's music video below and follow her on twitter @tanishasings and instagram at @tanishasings. Also, check out her official Facebook page, Tanisha Renée Brown  and her official Youtube channel Tanisha Renée.

 Enjoy the music video for 'Beautiful' the first song lifted from our girl Tanisha Renée Brown's upcoming, highly anticipated mixtape, 'Storyteller' which premiered last night on her official website Set in the heart of NYC, the video itself explains just how beautiful love can be. We know you'll love it because we do!

Beautiful (Music Video) - Tanisha Renée

Monday, March 26, 2012


Update: This version of the single has been serviced to Candaian radio. (March 29th, 2012)

Okay, before we even get into my review on this remix, let me just say that I'm all for artistic expression as the next person. And I'm all for branching out and finding new and upcoming talent. I'm even for supporting talent that comes from your hometown and all of that jazz. But none of it can excuse the fact that I feel like this is a crank and I just got Punk'd and I'm waiting for Ashton Kutcher to come out of hiding. This is a remix that somebody could have easily done on Youtube could have done as a fan tribute to Keshia. And honestly, at first listen, that's what I thought this was.

 It's easy to cut and splice someone elses rap vocals over a song that's already been recorded but this is down right without a doubt my least favorite effort from Keshia to date. This doesn't make me any less of a fan or supporter of Keshia's work, and I love KC to bits and pieces, but I prefer the album version of "I Miss U" over this "remix" to be perfectly honest.

To some this may sound harsh, and I can't speak for the other members of LKC in regards to how they feel regarding this remix, but me personally. I'll pass. Bring on the 4th Album please.

Listen for yourself below.

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Good Morning #Ryders! I was busy doing my usual search for KC News, and ran across this new track of Keshia's called, Thunder (Raining In Heaven). It's a beautiful ballad that can best described as alternative soft rock, and the little sister to the 'Night And Day' track 'I Miss U'. 

Click here to listen to Thunder (Raining In Heaven)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


You know we're always trying to keep you up on the latest news concerning any new projects with Ms. Keshia and on this week we did get the confirmation from Keshia herself that she is working on her follow up to her third album "Night + Day", with recording possibly starting in January 2012! Also, she's in talks of maybe releasing a mixtape with unreleased tracks from Night + Day. Still developing....

View our tweets below:

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Take a listen to the 4th single to be lifted from R+B/Pop starlet Keshia Chante's upcoming album "Night + Day" entitled, "Edit, Cut, & Delete U".  The funky, guitar ladened, punk-rockish number lashes out at a guy that seems to think he's got her on lock, but when in reality she's already done with the relationship. Check out the single which was previewed on below.

 "Know I gotcha ya now/ Boy Ima Edit Cut, & Delete U..."


Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Earlier this afternoon after several days of persistant #KCRyders promoting a virtual Facebook Album Release Party, Keshia Chante offically revealed to her fans the above album cover for her 3rd Album, "Night + Day", which hits shelves Novemeber 8th!  Also, she introduced 4 new tracks, a funky number "Edit, Cut, + Delete U",  the sensual and hard hitting "Hang My Jersey Up" (Which she previewed in her first Ustream back in 2010), along with two amazing ballads "I Miss U", and "Pillow Talk". Also you can view two photos from the various photoshoots that KC participated in for her album photoshoot. Go to to check it out! Gotta say that the photos look FIERCE!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


In case you missed it on yesterday, our girl Keshia Chante was on set shooting her new music video for her new single "Shooting Star". Metro Lyrics was kind enough to give Keshia's #KCRyders live stream at the amazing new music video which will be out in a few weeks. The video concept itself is based on an "Underground Danceworld" where KC pays homage to all the dancers out there who are #ShootingStars. She also reverts back to a vintage KC look, B-Girl Style! You'll note in the video that she dons, her trademark, hoodie & capri's simliar to those in her "Been Gone" video, but that's only one look of the many that KC shot on yesterday. If you were unable to watch the live stream you can view it below. ( Sidenote: And for those of you that have I-Phone, Ipod, I-Pad, or any of these Apple products you can download the Livestream App for free!) Also, check out a questionare segment from Metro Lyrics, as well as a few BTS photos from people who were on set of the video.

TV Screen Pic (via @dz1ne)
Screen & Dress Pic (via @DonovanWhyte)

Metro Lyrics Interviews Keshia Chante

Behind The Scenes: "Shooting Star"

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Afternoon #KCRYDERS! This time around join Keshia and the gang this Tuesday on the set of her new music video for the new empowering anthem "Shooting Star", brought to you by Metro Lyrics! They recently posted a tumblr post about the big event which you can view below. Be sure & tune in this Tuesday for all the action!

Ever wanted to see behind the scenes of a music video shoot? Well thank your lucky stars for Keshia Chante and her team since they’re offering us an exclusive 1.5 hour live stream from her video shoot for “Shooting Star”. You’ll get to be a fly on the wall as you take a peek at all the behind the lens goodies, watch things progress and be able to chat with Keshia and her dancers! This exclusive event takes place on Tuesday, July 19th at 3:00 EST, so mark your calendars y’all, because this lil’ treat is only offered right hurr.



Sunday, July 10, 2011


Unless you've been living under a rock lately, then you already know that Canadian songstress Keshia Chante recently released her new single, "Shooting Star" which is the follow up to the summer smash, "Set U Free". "Shooting Star" is laced with a heavy guitar with bright and uplifting lyrics that motivate, and lightly take a jab at her haters. All in all it's a great anthem to listen to to lift your spirits up when you're feeling low. If you haven't already done so, head over to I-Tunes (Canada) or to purchase.  Keshia's entire discography catalog, is completely avalible on I-Tunes, and for your listening pleasure.

Friday, February 18, 2011

World Premiere: Set U Free - Keshia Chanté

Updated: You can now hear Taio Cruz's demo of the song which  has been added below.

It's here! The new single from Keshia entitled 'Set U Free' arrived only moments ago and our prediction of the demo that we heard with Taio was RIGHT! Enjoy this Janet inspired hype-fest below! Fused with rave and trance like beats, along with a fresh background palate and heavy bass, Keshia sprinkles her own vibe onto the track in which she Co-Penned with Taio Cruz. Keshia nailed it with her vocals on this and it's definitely on it's way to top the charts.

Set U Free - Keshia Chanté

Set U Free - Taio Cruz's Demo

Thursday, February 17, 2011

NEWS: KC @ Contiki Eurobash Event & Single Premiere Date!

Check out these LQ fan photos of KC performing at Contiki (Canada's) Eurobash event on tonight courtesty of  @greghayes & @slinky8. Keshia tweeted a few hours before show time about the atmosphere in the club with white roses and amazing lighting. The show ended aproximately a half hour ago and Keshia excited tweeted the following about her single release date:

iLovemyFans! iLovemyFans! iLovemyFans! iLovemyFans! Tomorrow, Premiere of my new single, before schedule.. Least I can do..
29 minutes ago
How is that for a belated-Valentine's Day gift? Exciting day tomorrow #KCRyders get ready! Hopefully the single hits I-Tunes (US) soon as well. Keep it locked, we'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

RANDOM: Possible "Set U Free" Demo YT?

Submitted by Albert (@koolkidincash93)

Is it possible that 'Set Ur Body Free' could be the song Taio Cruz penned for Keshia? Taio is singing this version and the interesting fact is that it sounds somewhat like Keshia's current Canadian smash, 'Table Dancer'. You can definitely hear the Janet-influence in this record and if this is indeed the single that Keshia will be releasing, she's hit the mark above and beyond because this, with the right promotion (in Canada and overseas of course) will prove to be a chart topping smash for the Canadian princess! We won't post it here on LKC just in case the song IS indeed her new single, but just know that it is indeed something worth the wait!

NEW MUSIC: Table Dancer (Remix) Ft. Rich Kidd & Beatz

Check out a hot new remix to KC's highest selling single, 'Table Dancer' featuring Rich Kidd & Beatz. This remix was also produced by Rich Kidd as well. Take a listen to the remix by clicking here.

Source: CityOnMyBack.Com


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