Friday, September 1, 2017


Hey #KCRYDERS! Keshia has been in the process of recording her fourth album since 2012 and we know you all want updates! So here we go! A past interview with VicPark producer Levi sheds some light on the direction of her previous album.  (Levi from "VicPark" 2013/14 Interview ).  However it's only as of recent that photos of her studio sessions from Fall 2014-Present have started to surface.

 As of current KC is signed to her own imprint K Chante Inc. (2016) but working closely with Universal Music Canada ( partnership with 1916 Management), responsible for top 10 hits like "Cheyenne" by Jason Derulo, Nick Jonas, Rita Ora + Chris Brown's new singles ("Levels" +"Body On Me") respectively.

We'll keep this post updated with news + photos of Keshia working on her new album, so keep checking back. But check out what we've got so far:

Keshia's 4th Album Timeline:

September  2012 ---- Present

Friday January 6, 2017

Produced by Matthew Barnett + Soundtrack and written by Tayla Parx; Keshia announced via social media she'll premiere her new single "Fuck It Tho" to the worldwide masses on Beats1 Radio show with Ebro (of Hot 97) Monday morning (January 9). Following a worldwide digital release this Wednesday (January 11).

Sunday January 1, 2017

Keshia confirms on Twitter new music to come 1/11.

Monday December 26, 2016

The title of the first official single surfaces, due at the top of 2017. The first official single, "F**k It Tho", is scheduled to drop January 11, 2016.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Dear #KCRyders,

Our blog has been going nonstop since January 31st, 2010. SEVEN YEARS Wow!

 Reflecting back on the first day we started I can all say we've accomplished quite a bit with our fan blog and we understand even better the things that truly matter to us.

Thank you to the amazing staff behind our blog: Cat, Albert, Linda, Justin + Tee. You truly are the best team that anyone could ask for.

A special acknowledgement out to Jane for your diligent work ethic as the #KCRydersCanada Street Team forerunner. To each and everyone of YOU as #KCRyders that campaigned with us from around the world.

Throughout the years, we've met and come in contact with some of the most amazing, dedicated, loyal, talented, drive n and inspirational #KCRyders from all across the globe. That spirit of togetherness and substantial support system of fans and devoted readers is what has kept us focused on giving you Keshia's fans the ultimate fan experience all these years.

We've managed to be apart of/campaign for/ and witness some incredible milestones in Keshia Chante's career. Those moments reminds us why we we're music enthusiasts in the first place.

We are so grateful for each and everyone of you for sharing your stories of fan encounters and how Keshia's music has resonated with you personally. But most important we thank you for giving us all at LKC a chance. A chance to embark on a journey that brought us to this point. A chance that allowed us to bring you everything from exclusives on upcoming events, projects, photos and music a standard we even challenged ourselves to continually uphold with grace and dignity.

That being said, we embark on an entirely new journey this year as we each individually turn the pages to new chapters in our lives. For every moment we've shared with you our readers in joy, in pain, and laughter or tears we've become strong and consider ourselves your family.

Our message is clear:

LKC is truly a testament that no matter your gender, sexual preference, your country of residence, ethnicity, what God or religion you deem holy, that we all can come together with one common goal and exchange ideas and intellectual conversation in a peaceful environment through one voice that transcends to all:


We'd like to thank Keshia Chante and her team for allowing us to support such a talented artist. We wish Keshia the best on her future endeavors.

Thank you to all our readers again for showing us love and coming along with us on the ride.


Cassie + Team LKC

Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Good Morning #KCRyders! Today is our Today marks our 7 Year anniversary since we started January 31, 2010. Thanks for your continued support #KCRyders! Whether we had news to post or not. Even if we took a brief hiatus or even if at times we simply just wanted to share your favourite throwback memories.

Thank you for sticking by us everyday. We appreciate you and were grateful for the bond of music through we have with each of you through KC. To every fan of KC everywhere, you're the most supportive and patient fans any artist could ask for whether or not there's a project so give yourself a hand for being amazing. We love you guys!

Friday, January 13, 2017


Good Morning #KCRyders! With such great news we gave you on today, we found it imperative that we keep you up to date on the chart progression of the new single. Here's the updates for, Friday January 13, 2017.

ITunes R&B Soul U.S.: #11 (Hot Tracks)

#24 ITunes Canada R&B (Top Tracks):

#4 ITunes Canada (Hot Tracks)

Spotify Canada Playlist Charts:


Good Morning #KCRyders! We've got some great news for you regarding KC's new single! We're pleased to announce that Keshia scored her FIRST ITunes US hit with her new single "Fuck It Tho" landing at #11! Congrats goes out to Keshia and team.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Morning #KCRyders! Today is the day. Keshia's new single' F**k It Tho" is now available through digital retailers . The first official single to be lifted from the project we've been labeling "IV" all these years; FIT follows two months after the release of the buzz single "The Valley" back in November.

The single itself as we've previously described is "gritty yet whimsical" in nature is produced by Matthew Barnett (Drake, Eminem) and written by Tayla Parx (Jojo, Danity Kane). Upon expressing her heartbreak and loss; it really embodies the thoughts of this Gemini. Ultimately coming to terms with the breakup itself she chants her C'est LA vie phrase, "Fuck It Tho".

Purchase the single at these digital outlets by clicking here.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Good Morning #KCRyders! You wanted new music and now you've got it! Well, close to it anyway! (Lol) On Monday night, Ebro Darden premiered Keshia's new single "Fuck It Tho" on his Beats1radio radio segment as part of new music.

You may know the producer behind it,  Matthew Barnett who's done work with everyone from Drake, to Chris Brown to Eminem. The songwriter behind this song is Tayla Parx who's record of hits is equally impressive having worked with everyone from Danity Kane to Keri Hilson and my personal favorite Jojo Levesque on her summer smash "Fuck Apologies".

If you like myself were unable to hear the broadcast last night, never fear we've got you covered as always!

Click here to listen to "F**k It Tho".

Saturday, January 7, 2017


Morning #KCRyders! We're sure you're anticipating purchasing the brand-new single "F**k It Tho" next week. With that in mind Keshia kept her tweeted promise to Hot 97/Beats1 radio host Ebro and announced last night the new single is set for a world premiere streaming on Beats1 Radio, Monday January 9, 2017!  The song itself is written by Tayla Parx and Keshia, produced by Matthew Barnett and Soundtrack both from 1916 Management imprint.

Judging from the cover art, this appears to possibly be the single with "hard hitting drums" we were set to hear a while back. Timing is definitely everything and we're interested in visual to follow. The digital release follow-up is Wednesday January 11, 2017 available at most digital retailers.

Sunday, January 1, 2017


Evening #KCRyders! Happy New Year and welcome to 2017! From all of us at LKC, w hope you all had a safe and happy holiday season! New year brings new music (January 11) and a new album. But while you wait, check out this snapchat photo and video of Keshia comfortably ringing in the new year at home with her family and closest friends. Here's to a prosperous 2017!

Thursday, December 29, 2016


Good morning #KCRyders and happy Thursday! In lieu of Throwback Thursday, online radio host Brandon Robinson aka Scoop B released an unreleased interview with our girl KC. The interview itself comes from 2014 around the time KC took part in the Duffy's Hope Charity basketball game.

Here's an excerpt:

ScoopB Radio LIVE Ep 42 ft/ Keshia Chante

Hear the full podcast on ITunes here and Android here.



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