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Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Morning #KCRyders! Today is the day. Keshia's new single' F**k It Tho" is now available through digital retailers . The first official single to be lifted from the project we've been labeling "IV" all these years; FIT follows two months after the release of the buzz single "The Valley" back in November.

The single itself as we've previously described is "gritty yet whimsical" in nature is produced by Matthew Barnett (Drake, Eminem) and written by Tayla Parx (Jojo, Danity Kane). Upon expressing her heartbreak and loss; it really embodies the thoughts of this Gemini. Ultimately coming to terms with the breakup itself she chants her C'est LA vie phrase, "Fuck It Tho".

Purchase the single at these digital outlets by clicking here.


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