About Luv-KC

(Updated:  December 20, 2016)

About Us:
  •  Site Name: LuvKC (http://luvkcfansite.blogspot.com/)
  • Site Focus: Singer-Songwriter, Philanthropist And Actress, Keshia Chantè 
  • Tagline: "Your Ultimate Source for Canadian R+B Princess Keshia Chantè!"
  • Webmistress: Cassie (@cassiedash)
  • Opening Date: January 31st, 2010

Our Team:

Contact Us/ Our Official Pages:

Site Biography:

Luv-KC, is a fan-site that was founded + launched January 31st of 2010. The team that surrounds LKC consists of KC fans that enjoy promoting her and met through the love of KC's music. Webmistress Cassie has been a fan of Canadian R+B star + actress Keshia Chantè since she first debuted onto the music scene in 2004. Through the encouragement of a friend, she decided to open up a website that would give fans of Ms. Keshia Chantè a unique and substantial middle ground where they can receive all the latest updates on this talented artist. Cassie is no stranger to fan-sites, having founded and created her first fan-site with a few friends back in the April of 2009 entitled, "Mario-Daily" for singer Mario Barrett. The reason why she does her fan-sites is not for recognition or praise, but because of the simple fact that she loves what she does and she loves supporting and promoting extremely talented artists. 


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