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Sunday, January 1, 2017


Evening #KCRyders! Happy New Year and welcome to 2017! From all of us at LKC, w hope you all had a safe and happy holiday season! New year brings new music (January 11) and a new album. But while you wait, check out this snapchat photo and video of Keshia comfortably ringing in the new year at home with her family and closest friends. Here's to a prosperous 2017!

Friday, December 25, 2015


Evening #KCRyders! We hope you're enjoying your Christmas thus far! Here's a special message to you from Keshia to all of you our amazing blog readers & #KCRyders via Keshia's  Twitter official page: @KeshiaChante 

We love you guys and thank you for the continued support and encouragement! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! From Keshia & all of us at LKC!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Update: 9/3/15 No more Snapchat for Keshia, at least for now. Captions are gone & Snapchat is deleted. But keep an eye out on the KeshiaChante Snapchat handle just in case. She may bring it back closer to the premiere of Hockey Wives.

Evening #KCRyders! As you know we've been campaigning for months for KC & team to step up the social media game... She recently joined Snapchat in promotion for Hockey Wives, and her first "snap" is BTS of the promotional photoshoot in Montreal on yesterday. Hopefully she keeps up with this!

Follow KC at: ChanteMinnie

(Chante Minnie is the correct snapchat name, not Minnie Chante via this screencap)

Saturday, September 28, 2013


#TeamLKC would like to send a special shoutout to our girl KC's bf, Philladeplia Flyers goalie, Ray Emery who celebrates his 31st birthday today! Hope your birthday is full of love, happiness and joy! Thanks for keeping our girl KC in all smiles and enjoy your day!

Saturday, July 27, 2013


Evening #KCRyders! As if the excitement of KC's first being on wasn't enough... is showing KC love too! They now have all of Keshia's videos from the 'Night & Day' era available to view on their website! Click the link below to check out all the videos from the 'Night & Day' era: Table Dancer, Shooting Star, Set U Free and I Miss U!

Watch all of KC's Night & Day era videos on here:


Evening #KCRyders! We've got some great news for you! #ChanteSeasonUS is vastly approaching! Check out this cool discovery we made this afternoon! Keshia's Summer Smash 'Set U Free' (From her 3rd Album 'Night & Day' - 2011),  is now avalible for viewing on! This is only the start of things to come! 

Check it out by clicking the link below:

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Ever wanted to know what KC would name herself if she was a superhero and what power she'd have? Watch this short yet, hilarious and insightful interactive "interview" between KC and Revive on the Renew The World Gala's Red Carpet, earlier this March and find out that, and more!

Saturday, February 11, 2012


This is a tremendous loss for the music world. It was reported by various sources Icon, singer, actress and legend Whitney Houston was pronounced dead earlier this evening as reported by her publicist. She was only 48. Her legacy as a musical entertainer and one of the greatest voices of all time inspired many acts such as Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey.

On a personal note I remember some of my earlier moments in my childhood surrounded by her infectious music and how we used to play her music a lot around the house and I even remember how my aunts and cousins and I went out to see her movies "The Bodyguard", "The Preachers Wife" and jamming to her music at our annual family cookouts when I was a kid. Her vocal prowess and presence will never be duplicated, but forever she'll be remembered as a musical icon.

From us here at LKC our thoughts and prayers go out to her daughter Bobbi Kristina, mother Cissy Houston and cousin Dionne Warwick, close friend and singer Brandy Norwood (who's birthday is also today and of which she starred with in the 1997 remake of Rodgers & Hammerstein's Cinderella) as well as her extended family and friends.


Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Happy 2-Year Anniversary to us! Two years ago today, on January 31st, 2010, LuvKC was launched, in support of our girl Canadian R&B Princess Kesha Chante (@KeshiaChante)! We've accomplished a lot in our two years of existance, and we have so much more to do!

A big thank you to the LKC staff, Tanisha (@art_by_renee) director of design & layout, Cat (@catlilangel) & Albert (@koolkidincash93) directors news & chart updates, Jane (@MusicAddictJane#KeshiaChanteStreetTeam advocate & Linda (@MiuSeem) our LKC Media Guru.

Special thanks to Keshia Chante, along with her management & marketing team for gifting us with several exclusives which we greatly appreciate. (@jenhyland, @tanjolabrands, @ashpearls @universalmusicc)

A special shoutout goes to our girl Mimi (@MajahFenty) who now runs the popular tumblr fygoldenbarbie,  for model Jasmine Sanders. She was the first person ever to create a fanste for Keshia with and you can view KC's shoutout to her in the "2U" album liner notes.

And last but not least, we thank you, our fellow #KCRyders so much for your constant encouragement, support, and belief in us as a informational source and sticking with us even when we didn't have much to update on. We hope to continue to remain your ultimate source for the Canadian Princess!

- Cassie

Friday, January 13, 2012


Hey #KCRyders! All has been remotely quiet in KC-Land however we do have bits and pieces of information to share. So read below to see just what we found:

 New Twitpics
To help tide us over somewhat while we wait for news on Keshia's next single, we've got twitpics.
Keshia posted a couple of twitpics over the last few days from her Night + Day promo tour on last year via her Facebook + Twitter pages.

 Fellow Chicago Blackhawks lady, makeup artist + hairstylist, Elina Casell (@ElinaCasell) and boyfriend to one of the players tweeted a pic of her and our girl KC supporting their hockey playing boyfriends on last night at one of the latest games, which you can view below.

KC tweeted two pics of herself from last years "Night + Day" promo trail across Canada. The first is from Fashion TV and she tweeted that she was wearing  Lucian Matis. The second one is from ETalkTV.

Honorable Mention

Keshia's team twitted a new article in which Keshia ranked at #14 for Bleacher Report's Hottest Hockey Wives + Girlfriends of 2011. You can view the article by clicking here.

KC's New Single
Apparently KC's labels have done the right thing like Spike Lee, and scrapped the previous single "Edit, Cut, + Delete U" and are now replacing it with a VicPark single!
One half of the production team, Levi, tweeted this yesterday:

Keeshy its almost go time!!!
Now for those of you who've gotten the album already, you know that VicPark & Keshia have six songs together on the "Night + Day" album. I actually believe that "Jersey" and "If U Say" are Keshia's next singles. As much as we as #KCRyders hit her and her label up about them on her social networking sites, it'd be a shame not to listen because we're telling them in black and white what we'll support.  Thus, this leads to my discovery. About  a month or so ago, I discovered via #KCRyder  Malcom aka (@malblue5) tweeted to me & a few other LKC members that the blog for R+B musicians, uploaded two of Keshia's newest songs from her album, that being "Hang My Jersey Up ft. PReign" and "If U Say". Singersroom said, and I quote,
"Keshia Chante's new single "Hang My Jersey Up" is about "Guys always say I'm a player, but I met one that made me want to stop the games, retire my jersey!" The record is featured on her new album 'Night & Day.'
Note: [If you haven't gotten it yet, "Night & Day" is available worldwide online at these outlets:,,,, Amazon.mp3 and It's also currently available for purchase in stores across Canada.]

Friday, January 6, 2012


Here's some quick news for #KCRydersCanada or if you're able to watch Much Music. This was the stat posted on Keshia's official Facebook & Twitter page today. Be sure to tune in tonight & tomorrow to Much Music for both:

Catch Keshia Chante hosting the 100 Best Videos of the Decade on MuchMusic tomorrow (Saturday, Jan 7th) at 6PM! She will be counting you down from #20 to #11!

Also, check out Keshia discussing her picks for Hottest Girls & Guys of 2011 tonight (January 6th) at 4pm & 4:30pm on "Hottest Guys of 2011" and "Hottest Girls of 2011" also on MUCH!

Saturday, December 31, 2011


As 2011 draws to a close, 2012 only mere hours a way, I found it important that this year, I recap some of the best moments in regards to Keshia Chante so far this year. You may or may not agree, or you may find these top 5 moments similar to your own. That being said, here we go!

5. Keshia's 2011 Juno Award Nominations
This in itself came as an utter surprise and shock to Keshia herself who at the 2011 Juno Awards had only expected to merely attend and present awards at the nomination ceremony. Ultimately she clenched two nominations with NO ALBUM on shelves yet. Even though she was bested for Best R&B Recording of the Year 'Test Drive' & Best Dance Recording of The Year 'Table Dancer', the fact that she was nominated was surprising.

4. Keshia takes a trip with CANFAR to Kenya
As I always say, Keshia is no stranger to doing good and back in May of this year Keshia took a trip with CANFAR (Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research) to visit children in Kenya, Africa. She helped build and orphanage and got down in the trenches interacting with them and learning their stories. She said that the trip itself was forever life changing and judging by the impact it not only had on others who accompanied her, I'm inclined to agree.

3. Keshia gets verified on Twitter: @KeshiaChante
Now, this probably might sound silly or even seem pointless to most, but the fact that for the last year or so (2010 up to a few months ago) we as #KCRyders had been fighting and tweeting for KC to get that verification check... The moment that was finally verified in my eyes was actually a liberating experience, mostly because she deserved it and secondly because believe it or not there are fakes of her residing on twitter. (See fake: @MsKeishaChante).

2. Keshia's 3rd Album is finally released
Most people would say this deserves to be the #1 top 5 KC moment of 2011, but I'll tell you why for me it ranks in at #2. While I'm glad I got new music from Keshia, as would any #KCRyder be... The above is actually more important because it opens more doors. It's a solid album, however you can read my full thoughts and the thoughts of LKC team members and fans when our mass Night & Day album review post comes on Sunday!

1. Keshia hits I-Tunes... WORLDWIDE
This right HERE though... Trumps everything except KC's trip to Kenya. Awards or no awards, Twitter verification or no twitter verification... Album or no album. This right HERE is called expert marketing, it's called reaching the masses on a larger scale and I-Tunes finally stepping their cookies up and returning the legal papers and whatnot. So now you know! Keshia Chante is availble everywhere on I-Tunes, from China, to Iceland, and England and Central America, and everywhere in between! BUT! Lets not forget the good ol' US of A. #2012Takeover anyone?

Saturday, December 24, 2011