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Friday, January 13, 2017


Good Morning #KCRyders! With such great news we gave you on today, we found it imperative that we keep you up to date on the chart progression of the new single. Here's the updates for, Friday January 13, 2017.

ITunes R&B Soul U.S.: #11 (Hot Tracks)

#24 ITunes Canada R&B (Top Tracks):

#4 ITunes Canada (Hot Tracks)

Spotify Canada Playlist Charts:


Good Morning #KCRyders! We've got some great news for you regarding KC's new single! We're pleased to announce that Keshia scored her FIRST ITunes US hit with her new single "Fuck It Tho" landing at #11! Congrats goes out to Keshia and team.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Good Morning #KCRyders! Here's a few chart & Streaming updates for you regarding "The Valley".

Since the release of the single, "The Valley" has been streamed 109,715 times. (Since yesterday)

Keshia's single now sits at the #5 spot on Spotify Canada's "Sounds Of Canadian Pop" Playlist after two weeks of being on the playlist.

ITunes Canada:
Keshia dropped from #25 to #47 on the R&B "Hot Tracks" Chart on ITunes Canada.

Friday, November 11, 2016


Good Morning #KCRyders! Today is the day! Support our girl Keshia by purchasing her new single "The Valley", now available from these online digital retailers: Google Play, Deezer, Apple Music,

Click here to purchase Keshia's new single! And check out "The Valley" Lyrics and Vevo video after the cut.

Sunday, June 17, 2012


Good Morning #KCRyders! As you know good things come to those who wait, and of course we told you we had a surprise for you! We know you've been wanting to see Keshia's historical debut on BET's 106 & Park without having to comb through the added commercials, music videos and ect and now, you don't have to!

Shoutout to our good friend & fellow #KCRyder Justin (@justin_2005) over at for being such an amazing person and helping me out with this on yesterday! We were having a bit of technical difficulties on yesterday, which caused a bit of a delay, but now we're back in business!

You can now watch all of Keshia's 106 & Park hosting segments, along with her acapella rendition of her current single "I Miss U", from last Thursday's show below, commercial & music video free!

Hope you enjoy & Have a blessed Sunday!

Saturday, December 31, 2011


As 2011 draws to a close, 2012 only mere hours a way, I found it important that this year, I recap some of the best moments in regards to Keshia Chante so far this year. You may or may not agree, or you may find these top 5 moments similar to your own. That being said, here we go!

5. Keshia's 2011 Juno Award Nominations
This in itself came as an utter surprise and shock to Keshia herself who at the 2011 Juno Awards had only expected to merely attend and present awards at the nomination ceremony. Ultimately she clenched two nominations with NO ALBUM on shelves yet. Even though she was bested for Best R&B Recording of the Year 'Test Drive' & Best Dance Recording of The Year 'Table Dancer', the fact that she was nominated was surprising.

4. Keshia takes a trip with CANFAR to Kenya
As I always say, Keshia is no stranger to doing good and back in May of this year Keshia took a trip with CANFAR (Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research) to visit children in Kenya, Africa. She helped build and orphanage and got down in the trenches interacting with them and learning their stories. She said that the trip itself was forever life changing and judging by the impact it not only had on others who accompanied her, I'm inclined to agree.

3. Keshia gets verified on Twitter: @KeshiaChante
Now, this probably might sound silly or even seem pointless to most, but the fact that for the last year or so (2010 up to a few months ago) we as #KCRyders had been fighting and tweeting for KC to get that verification check... The moment that was finally verified in my eyes was actually a liberating experience, mostly because she deserved it and secondly because believe it or not there are fakes of her residing on twitter. (See fake: @MsKeishaChante).

2. Keshia's 3rd Album is finally released
Most people would say this deserves to be the #1 top 5 KC moment of 2011, but I'll tell you why for me it ranks in at #2. While I'm glad I got new music from Keshia, as would any #KCRyder be... The above is actually more important because it opens more doors. It's a solid album, however you can read my full thoughts and the thoughts of LKC team members and fans when our mass Night & Day album review post comes on Sunday!

1. Keshia hits I-Tunes... WORLDWIDE
This right HERE though... Trumps everything except KC's trip to Kenya. Awards or no awards, Twitter verification or no twitter verification... Album or no album. This right HERE is called expert marketing, it's called reaching the masses on a larger scale and I-Tunes finally stepping their cookies up and returning the legal papers and whatnot. So now you know! Keshia Chante is availble everywhere on I-Tunes, from China, to Iceland, and England and Central America, and everywhere in between! BUT! Lets not forget the good ol' US of A. #2012Takeover anyone?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

RECAP: #askKC CHAT #2 + Night & Day Purchase Info!!!

Hey #KCRyders!!! Hope you all enjoyed the TwitCam chat with KC tonight! In case you're like me and were unable to attend the chat, you can play catch up and watch the entire chat below in it's thirty-minute entirety! Keshia speaks on everything from her favorite places to shop, her love for Rihanna + Beyoncé, wanting to do a duet with Kanye West, and what her top 5 favorite songs are at the moment are, just to name a few! She also spoke about how excited she is about her upcoming Canadian tour for Night + Day as well! Watch the full chat and  read below on where to get #NightAndDay in your area. 

Don't forget Keshia Chanté's highly anticipated 3rd Album, Night + Day ships from, hits I-Tunes (Worldwide), is availble In Stores in Canada on Tuesday November 8th, 2011!

Night + Day Album Purchase Info 


Night + Day
Keshia Chanté
3rd Album
(November 8th, 2011)

  Where                                     Availability

Canada                                      In Stores, I-Tunes Canada

USA                                          KeshiaChante.Com,, I-Tunes US

Overseas (Europe... ect)   ,, I-Tunes

#AskKC Chat #2 (Pre-Recorded)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Keshia Chante is now available WORLDWIDE!

Update: Keshia's new singles (Table Dancer, Test Drive & Set U Free) are also as well! - (via @tanishasings)

Yep, you heard right. WORLDWIDE. I won't even make this post a long one. I'm TOO overjoyed right now. Peep Keshia's tweet above, and if you don't believe me, see for yourself. It's been a LONG time coming for us here in the US and everywhere outside of Canada that have been holding her down since she stepped foot into the game.Get over to I-Tunes  right now and purchase Keshia's new single Set U Free along with Table Dancer & Test Drive!  Congrats go out to Keshia and the entire team, the time has arrived and we can finally say, we did it!


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