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Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Good Morning #KCRyders! You wanted new music and now you've got it! Well, close to it anyway! (Lol) On Monday night, Ebro Darden premiered Keshia's new single "Fuck It Tho" on his Beats1radio radio segment as part of new music.

You may know the producer behind it,  Matthew Barnett who's done work with everyone from Drake, to Chris Brown to Eminem. The songwriter behind this song is Tayla Parx who's record of hits is equally impressive having worked with everyone from Danity Kane to Keri Hilson and my personal favorite Jojo Levesque on her summer smash "Fuck Apologies".

If you like myself were unable to hear the broadcast last night, never fear we've got you covered as always!

Click here to listen to "F**k It Tho".

Saturday, January 7, 2017


Morning #KCRyders! We're sure you're anticipating purchasing the brand-new single "F**k It Tho" next week. With that in mind Keshia kept her tweeted promise to Hot 97/Beats1 radio host Ebro and announced last night the new single is set for a world premiere streaming on Beats1 Radio, Monday January 9, 2017!  The song itself is written by Tayla Parx and Keshia, produced by Matthew Barnett and Soundtrack both from 1916 Management imprint.

Judging from the cover art, this appears to possibly be the single with "hard hitting drums" we were set to hear a while back. Timing is definitely everything and we're interested in visual to follow. The digital release follow-up is Wednesday January 11, 2017 available at most digital retailers.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


A blog isn't a blog unless you support the people that helped you get it off the ground. Today we pay homage to one of our own R&B songstress, Tanisha Renée Brown. She works so hard churn out our amazing layouts that you see on LKC. Now, you can enjoy an extended presentation of her creativity through music and songwriting.

Check out our girl Tee's music video below and follow her on twitter @tanishasings and instagram at @tanishasings. Also, check out her official Facebook page, Tanisha Renée Brown  and her official Youtube channel Tanisha Renée.

 Enjoy the music video for 'Beautiful' the first song lifted from our girl Tanisha Renée Brown's upcoming, highly anticipated mixtape, 'Storyteller' which premiered last night on her official website Set in the heart of NYC, the video itself explains just how beautiful love can be. We know you'll love it because we do!

Beautiful (Music Video) - Tanisha Renée

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Evening #KCRyders! Feeling like a proud big sis right now. This is video that we as #KCRyders have been waiting for. It doesn't need an introduction, but we're pleased to present to you the newest music video from our girl Keshia Chante, "I Miss U" Directed by Marc Andre Debruyne (Shooting Star, Set U Free). It premiered today on Much Music's New.Music.Live. where KC also judged a dance contest as well.

As far as this latest cinematic masterpiece from Ms. Chante? In essence you'll get to see what a day in the life of her is really like, and cameos from all of those close to her whether it be family, friends and most importantly her special guy. The concept is simplistic, but it's carried out extremely well, and I'm proud to say that this is the best video Keshia's ever made in her entire career. Click here to view the amazing new music video for "I Miss U". Job well done KC!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


A little over two hours ago, Tanjola Brands (Keshia's label) unveiled the music video for "Shooting Star" today Tuesday August 23rd. During the "Access Granted" provided by Metro Lyrics a few weeks ago, Keshia, Metro Lyrics & Team Keshia/Team Chante invited #KCRyders to watch a behind the scenes look at the music video being made right before our eyes. Keshia said that video concept itself was of an "underground dance world" and about "paying tribute to her dancers" who are in her words "Shooting Stars". And that's exactly what you get. Shooting Star's music video primarily focuses on the dancers in the video and not Keshia herself, aside from a few glamour shots and a small inkling of dancing from Keshia, that's all you'll really see of her. Look wise, you'll see a revamped version of the B-Girl from her most popular single and video among KC fans alike, "Been Gone", with a black trademark hoodie and capri's. In place of her sneakers? Classy Louboutins. The dancers in this video definitely steal the spotlight in a big way, so enjoy the "underground world" created specifically for them as Keshia pays homage and paints a picture of "no struggle, no progress" through her invigorating and empowering lyrics.

Shooting Star Music Video

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Team Chante made the official music video avaible to fans via Keshia's twitter (@KeshiaChante) only moments ago. Today, Keshia dropped by New.Music.Live to premiere the video which was shot in Isla Mujeres, Cancun Mexico in early June (post her trip to Kenya with CANFAR). She also performed a live version of Set U Free, complete with new choreography, and dancers as well as her next single titled, "Shooting Star" which is rumored to be produced by the amazing Vic Park and premieres tomorrow. You can also help her pick out the single cover for "Shooting Star" by clicking here! (And you know these producers having heard their flawless work on Test Drive, Hang My Jersey Up, and If You Say) Now you can watch the highly anticipated music video which will be sure to get you pumped and excited about summer, which officially started on Tuesday!

Set U Free by Keshia Chante from Keshia Chante on Vimeo.

Friday, February 18, 2011

World Premiere: Set U Free - Keshia Chanté

Updated: You can now hear Taio Cruz's demo of the song which  has been added below.

It's here! The new single from Keshia entitled 'Set U Free' arrived only moments ago and our prediction of the demo that we heard with Taio was RIGHT! Enjoy this Janet inspired hype-fest below! Fused with rave and trance like beats, along with a fresh background palate and heavy bass, Keshia sprinkles her own vibe onto the track in which she Co-Penned with Taio Cruz. Keshia nailed it with her vocals on this and it's definitely on it's way to top the charts.

Set U Free - Keshia Chanté

Set U Free - Taio Cruz's Demo

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Introducing the world premiere of Keshia Chante's new music video, 'Table Dancer'! The highly anticipated music video premiere official via her facebook, and Vevo page only hours ago; a day earlier than originally anticipated. You can check out all the table dancin' action and KC's alter-ego "Chante", deliver up an interesting twist on the club number as she dons several styled blond wigs, and whips her hair on a table at downtown Toronto's Ultra Supper Club amongst a sea of bow-tied & black clad dancers. See how many Pepsi-related items you can spot in the video! If you didn't know, Keshia is the new spokesperson for Pepsi Canada. A major step up from her viral music video, 'Test Drive' the comfort-zone that Keshia previous set for her previous two albums was definitely broken; and in a good way. Although the video isn't groundbreaking, it's the best video that Keshia has done career wise, curious as to why she's not really smiling but other wise, a solid effort.  Peep the video below.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

NEW VIDEO: Keshia Chante premires 'Test Drive' Music Video

And here we have it, the official music video for KC's viral single, 'Test Drive' off her upcoming album Night & Day! Enjoy & drop a comment!


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