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LuvKChanté Exclusive: LKC Interviews Keshia Chanté

Whether you're busy 'Table Dancing' or taking a 'Test Drive' with that new relationship, Keshia Chanté has created songs of the like to get you moving just the same! With a brand-new outlook on life, a new album, and philanthropic work under her belt, 2010 couldn't have been anything less than amazing for Canadian R&B Princess, Keshia Chanté. And right now as we speak, 2011 is shaping up to be even better! We recently had the pleasure of interviewing the starlet Post-Toronto Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011, as she graciously took time out to answer some of the questions that have been tweeted and emailed to us via KC's amazing fans. Keshia eloquently breaks down her upcoming album, "Night & Day" (due out Spring/Summer of this year) and the process it took to record it, acting and what it means to her. She also shares a few of her favorite things, puts "Aaliyah Movie" rumors to rest and speaks what she plans on doing in the future. This is our account on said interview, done in a manuscript form via email. We will be posting the interview in three sections. Enjoy!

LKC Interviews Keshia Chanté
Part 1 'Welcome Back'
Keshia explains to LKC the reason behind her musical hiatus,
 views on the industry currently, what's on her I-Pod, and lets
know a few of her favorite things.

As Told To LKC
November 4th, 2010

Why the long musical hiatus? - Anon

Keshia Chanté: I needed time to figure stuff out musically. Behind the scenes, the music industry can be quite crazy, more than people can understand, and it's easy to get lost or pushed around. I took time out to be creative, work with as many people as possible and figure out what I wanted to say. It's tough enough being a teenager, even harder being in an aggressive adult world 24/7, I had to grow up and get time to learn about me first. We had been going non-stop since I was 13, balancing schooling, career, and traveling. I needed a moment to find myself creatively and step it up vocally. I also wanted more control creatively so I wanted to find a way to have that freedom. Tanjola (my management/brand management team) found a way to make that possible!

What are your views on the current state of the entertainment industry?
KC: The music industry is no different from other businesses, they all go through transitions throughout the years. My view - artists need to be their own labels. Don't have any expectations from record labels other than manufacturing the product and placing it into stores. I have gotten lucky with Universal Canada, because they are ALL about the creative artist and how to make it work but majority of labels are not that way. Universal Canada is very forward thinking in that regard. Bottom line though, make good music and spread virally, tour different cities & effect the lives of people in a positive way with your music, and everything will work out.

Everyone is on the social networking craze, and more recently Twitter. How important do you think it is to keep your fans updated on a consistent basis?
KC: Social networking is everything but communicating with fans is the most important. It can be tough because I'm trying to pull the best out of myself creatively with the album, but also, I handle a lot of business and administration that goes on behind the scenes. Phone calls, emails, organizing things. I have a wonderful team, but I'm a control freak & a perfectionist & preparation is everything, even though waiting sucks for the fans. I rather come out strong, than come out fast and "ok". I plan on being more consistent with my fan base and expanding the blog with more personal posts, video blogs & doing more live streaming with fans!

How was the move from working with Sony to working with Universal Canada?
KC:It has been fantastic. I decided to leave the major label and do things more on my own account. I wanted the freedom to make the songs I wanted & be able to call the shots on how I wanted the new album to be creatively. I'm technically an independent artist working with a major label & I am working with my longtime team (some exec's from my first album are now on my team) and we have created an album that Universal Canada has distribution on.

What top 3 artist inspire you musically? Male or Female?
KC: That's tough.. I listen to a lot of Top 40 & a lot of rap music, Jay-Z, Drake, Wayne, but I've also found inspiration from Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill (especially for the 'Day' side of the album), Brandy's Afrodisiac, Miguel's voice, Justin Nozuka, etc... Beyonce (+ Destiny's Child), early Christina and Brandy have helped shape me growing up as a singer.

What's your all time favorite album?
KC: That's super tough. I'm not necessarily an "album" girl. I'm a "mixed playlist on the iPod" type of girl, with a mix of eclectic things. A body of work that I've listened to straight through over & over again would have to be Beyonce's "Dangerously in Love", Michael Jacksons "Thriller" and Lauryn Hill's Miseducation
What are some of your favorite songs out now?
KC: Other than my own *batts lashes* lol.. In my iPod getting blasted right now:
Miguels "All I want is you" & "Sure Thing" Kanye "Monster, Usher's "Hot Toddy", "Deuces (Remix)", Drake's "Fall for your Type"

What is your favorite thing to do when visiting the states?
KC: Shopping!!! By far! lol

This or That: Skittles or M&M's
KC: Skittles

This or That: I-Pod or I-Phone
KC: iPod

This or That: Gucci or Chanel
KC: Chanel

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